It seems as though while De/Re/Territorialization are inseparable from each other,  they are also operating within each other. 

D&G 509

‘the territory itself is inseparable from vectors of deterritorialization working it from within’


‘reterritorialization as an original operation does not express a return to the territory, but rather these differential relations internal to D itself…’ 

All three are processes, occurring concurrently and intermeshing with each other.

So the skateboarding eg is the most obvious

1. the city exists as a territory of work, production, living… (territorialization)

2. skaters skate through the city. park benches, hand rails, sculptures, steps etc.. using it as skate park. (deterritorialization) 

3. governments invest in purpose-built skate parks (reterritorialization)


avril lavinge commodifies skating (skate cloths, attitude..) by appropriating the subculture in a pop song/music vid  (watch at own risk)

so does this mean reterritorialization (r) can be equated with commodification? -sometimes

although r itself is an ‘original operation’ it can not occur without d or t

D&G – d is said to be negative when obstructed by a compensatory r (508)

when is this not the case? of all the t/d/r process examples i can think of, a r always occurs..  

(although I know that t, d and r occur simultaneously, i can’t help conceptualizing them sequentially in this first, second and third framework… what does this say about the way i think? i don’t know)




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